What a way to close a great year for BAM! Architecture: we resulted not only finalists but also winners of an award of the International Competition for the project for the transformation of the Buenos Aires Zoo into an Interactive EcoPark (IEP). We change the paradigm about animal in captivity, about private and public space, about how to be self-sufficient in an 18-hectares project and how to innovate in the city strengthening biodiversity and sustainability.

Our Project sets out urban decisions in order to change the city paradigm. Change the entries of the corners by reducing them to a central one, creating an access by a new pedestrian promenade that connects Cerviño Ave. with Colombia street; make flexible and humanize the limits of the park, as well as an urban and biological connection with the Botanic Garden and the 3 de Febrero Park by means of a bridge that enables to cross the IEP through the tops of the trees and to perceive the flora and fauna of the park.

The landscape design is developed using the trace of the original ellipses and the new proposed ones as starting point, acting all together as a great chain that connects all the ecopark. New tours inside the ellipses were also designed.
As regards design, this park was conceived under the premise of conservation of the original arboreal species, which conservation and valorization are a must in this project.

The new proposed vegetation was designed by incorporating native trees while accompanying the ellipses geometry and generating two types of meadow with spontaneous native species of different heights, mainly composed of grasses, of high incidence as patch in urban ecology.
We conserve patrimonial buildings by giving them another usage, which enable us to provide the new programmatical requirements of the park reducing to minimum the need of building new constructions.
In order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum, the proposed interventions in the IEP were materialized by dry-walling construction. The selected materials were wood and iron.

"Winners of an award of the International Competition for the project Interactive EcoPark"

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