Cultural Projects

Campana Library

The proposal aims at recovering the connection between urban and cultural spaces, as well as at creating a new space for public activities at the meeting point of the city of Campana. An emblematic building has been proposed, a building without interrupting the city uniformity and enabling the proposed program to make sense.

The objective was to design a compact, healthy and inspiring building, pleasant and productive to work in, visit or meet at. Efficient, aware of its purpose, generating continuity and cohesion with the context, the project is a continuation of the current public park and opens to it, providing the community with a significant center, designed on the grounds of the relation between function and program.

Two opposed concepts like reading and wandering among shelves are combined in this library. Such a combination results in this comprehensive format that offers a recognizable image in the urban park of Campana. The floor is divided in two areas: a compact space and a lighter and continuous area which includes the public area. Shelves are used to delimit both areas and the different reading spaces. A clear-cut differentiation between public circulation and the ones related to the overall circulation is established. In addition, different accesses are provided to allow different activities at the library, such as the ones taking place at the auditorium or the confectionery, for such spaces to have an autonomous and independent functioning.


Team: BAM! + Arch. Nicolás Mieres + Arch. Alejo Gonzalez Malharro


Rosario, Argentina