Cultural Projects

Rosario Library

The Biblioteca Central del Bicentenario (BCB) represents a space for knowledge and information open to the public in the city of Rosario.

Far from the traditional idea of being a library as a closed space, the BCB openly invites the community to participate actively in education and culture diffusion, not only through reading but also by offering recreational activities for people of all ages on the grounds of lifelong learning.

The citizen is invited to go all over the successive spaces, the common denominator of which is free access to knowledge as a reinterpretation of society’s current needs in regard to information access. Spaces feature innovation and flexibility in use without disregarding the organizational and safety conditions required for the storage of historical heritage documents.

The project is part of the works to improve the south district of the city of Rosario, and is specifically located in the adjacent plot to the Municipal Center designed by Álvaro Siza, with which it creates a dialogue to generate quality exterior spaces.

The building serves as a referential frame for the green space that surrounds it, establishing a possible relation between interior and exterior, something evident in the access condition of serving as a transition space, as well as in the patios that act as a controlled expansion of the library activities.

Showing the Latin-American heritage and taking especially into account the idea of economic sustainability, the building has been built upon the use of bricks, resulting in a volume of pure morphology that acts as a symbol for the city, prioritizing at the same time the required needs as for lighting and comfort. The brick, a noble, long-lasting and low-maintenance material makes an innovative contribution by means of a pattern in order to obtain an organization with different degree of densities.


Team: BAM! + Lucas Torres Aguero + Eduardo Dianda + Magdalena Mosquera


Rosario, Argentina