Residential Commercial Projects


The project for the new headquarter of the Caja de Seguridad Social para Profesionales de las Ciencias Farmacéuticas (CAFAR)(Government Social Security Fund for Pharmaceutical Science Professionals) of Buenos Aires province, located at the city of La Plata is based on a design capable of creating a contemporary, flexible and sustainable building.

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN / On the grounds of the study of the need program and sustainability of the building, the aim is to provide a morphologic and technological answer based on contemporary design.

FLEXIBLE / The layout of the program consists of flexible spaces which allow several usages in the same place.
SUSTAINABLE / Sustainability of the building is granted by means of a meticulous study of implantation in the lot and its orientations, therefore applying a bioenvironmental design, as well as by the application of LEED certification which as a result allows to design a sustainable building taking into account the different points that comprises it.


Superficie cubierta: 3.290 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 232 m2


La Plata, Buenos Aires