Residential Projects

A200 House

The project has been developed on a flat lot in a private gated community located in the northern metropolitan area of the city of Buenos Aires, where a topographic play was generated through a green cover connecting the garden to the upper floor, thus creating a clear connection between both levels in search of a complete integration of the house into the surrounding landscape.

The program of the house has been organized in two levels: on the lower level the social program takes place, whereas private spaces are located on the upper level. A protrusive volume was generated in the master room to frame the view to the central neighborhood lagoon and create the access to the house as well.

The materials used for the construction were concrete and white plaster, combined with Ipe wood sunshades, which provide protection from the western sun.


A topographic play was generated through a green cover that connects the garden with the upper floor.


Tigre, Argentina