Residential Projects

CL House – Sustainable House

This project was conceived upon the client´s premise of extending and modernizing an existing house in the countryside to welcome the whole family and friends.

From the starting point of reinterpreting architecture in rural areas, we created an architectural work of simple lines and complex details.

The new project transforms the existing house into private spaces -bedrooms and bathrooms- connecting it to the new building where the social spaces -living room, dining room and kitchen- are located. Such connection was achieved by a bellow made of concrete that functions as a nexus between both buildings.

Private spaces have a functional scale, while social areas stand out for having greater areas with huge windows and double-height spaces.

Sustainability is granted mainly by taking advantage of the house position: North-oriented opening views and South-oriented closing country service areas. Besides, it is also achieved by means of the materials used: air gaps in walls and insulating glass.

Solar collectors are used for water and central heating, thus optimizing energy efficiency.


Architecture reinterpreting in rural areas, generating an architectural work of simple lines and complex details.


Provincia de Buenos Aires