Cultural Projects

Landmark of La Fragua Waterfall

We worked in close detail, placing the best view frames, generating an interest in staying, in recognizing, in enjoying the richness of the surrounding landscape and thus shaping an own identity.

The landmark of La Fragua Waterfall is aimed at making the user’s perception of the place to be calm and reserved, as opposed to the noise and movement of the place.

The idea was simply to take a small part of water from the stream and deviate it to a reserved box. From there, the water will lose its chaotic state, thus creating a water mirror that allows the waterfall to be perceived in a different way.

The plain mirror and the waterfall are joined into a unique frame.

The main material is concrete due to the landmark’s water containment, which implies that it must be made out of an ever-lasting material.


Team: BAM! + Arch. Eduardo Dianda + Arch. Lucas Torres Aguero


Neuquén, Argentina