Cultural Projects

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria (Saint Mary Spirituality Center)- San Isidro head office

The need for the Centro de Espiritualidad Santa María (CESM) to have a space of its own for the different activities and workshops to be held motivated the project development.

As for space layout, two defined blocks may be distinguished according to usage, which are connected in between by a circulation artery: on one hand, the area of classrooms, administration and services, and the Chapel area on the other. The project was conceived upon a cross-shaped layout as project generator, from which the spaces for different activities are organized.

The main building access leads to the cross center, a large hall from which the different areas are clearly distinguished, which makes it easier to reach the classrooms, the administration, the sanitary services, the confectionery, the stairs, the elevator and the connection to the Chapel.

The project included a Chapel where simplicity of lines, natural lighting and its relation to nature were specially favored. It is connected to the building through the extension of one of the crossbars, which coincides with the cross elevation at the opening –also cross-shaped- of the concrete partition wall behind the altar.

Natural lighting and nature were part of the premises taken into account when conceiving the building, aiming at incorporating them by means of great windows facing the exterior.

Materials such as concrete and wood were proposed because of their simplicity and proximity, taking into consideration their adequate conditions of abstraction, continuity, stability and strength.


Team: BAM! + Arch. Lucila Moreno Ocampo


San Isidro, Argentina.