Residential Projects


The project is located in the district El Cantón, a Golf club located in Escobar. In this lot of 900m2, a house for a family which enjoys of the great views, good atmosphere. Above all, the garden is beside the golf yard, allowing the owner to enjoy his greatest hobby.

Thus, there is a division of the program into two floors. On the ground floor there is a public program, for an intense social life, integrated with the environment. It also has a working area, thought for the adults and also as a study place for the kids.

In the second floor, there are the two bedrooms with there own bathrooms for the two sons, the master bedroom and the family room. All of these spaces are looking at the lagoon and golf cours. These, as well as is the best orientation.

The house main idea is being in contact with the garden and the golf yard, and generate privacy form the neighbourhood.

To achieve these, the front is created with a large concrete base, and dematerializes towards the quiet part of the building, thus solving the great visual opening of the main rooms to the main lagoon of the neighborhood where the house is implanted.

The materiality of the house was conceived with the noble materials without maintenance, as it is the concrete, the hard wood and the glass.

More than 90% of the spaces with natural light, exterior views, and cross ventilation generate a benefit not only energetic but more comfortable for their habitat. With the use of carpentry with DVH technology for the reduction of consumption in the air conditioning.


Superficie cubierta:240 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 40 m2


El Canton, Escobar, Buenos Aires