Residential Projects


The DaB House responds to the idea proposed by the principals of a simple and low-maintenance space with industrial image and visible noble materials.

From that starting point, the spaces are proposed as flexible, spacious and practical for a growing family. Taking into account the idea of a place for home office, a concept that starts to take on relevance in these changing times.

The architectural design is conceived upon sustainability bases not only orientating the project for an ideal relation between solar energy and cross-ventilation but also using long-term durability materials, such as concrete and exposed brick.

The result is the superposition of two volumes of similar measurements but of diverse characteristics: a brick volume (all the private programs) that rests on a reinforced concrete volume (all the social programs).


Superficie cubierta: 170 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 35 m2


Puertos, Escobar, Buenos Aires