Residential Projects


The DaCo House is settled in the private gated community El Cantón Golf, in an open and green environment, with views to the lagoon. In this 800sqm lot, a program is developed with the aim of housing a young couple and the premise of optimizing square meters and having a space for meditation.

Thus, a division of the program into two floors is established. On the ground floor, the master bedroom -with a direct connection with the lagoon- and the public program are located.

As regards the first floor, a volume is rotated in a morphological way seeking better orientations for the private program. This design provides more natural light towards North and widens visuals facing not only the lagoon but also the golf course facing towards the front of the house and a green-roof garden generated by this rotation. In the terrace a space for mediation in contact with nature and isolated from the house noise is created.

The movement of the sun during the day provides natural light to the house at all times. The program is widen in the ground floor corresponding to services facing towards the front of the house and the master bedroom facing the lagoon. The double-height vertical circulation fills the space with zenithal light and connects both floors. The volumetric indoor/outdoor interplay dematerializes towards the North-oriented rear, thus solving view opening of the main areas to the lagoon, while a more closed South-oriented service area front offers privacy to the house.
Sustainability, one of the main axes of the house, is addressed at all levels. Starting with the election of the lot and the implantation in it, keeping in mind its orientations and predominant winds. Continuing with the use of a green cover with all its benefits. Other points taken into account were the reduction of water consumption, by using rain water for later irrigation, and the use of energy-saving devices.

The combination of more of 90% of the spaces with natural light, views to exterior and cross-ventilation generates a benefit not only by reducing energy usage but also by providing more comfort for its habitation. In order to reduce the consumption of HVAC system, we opted for carpentry work combined with insulating glass.


Superficie cubierta:140 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 30 m2


El Cantón, Escobar, Buenos Aires