Residential Projects


The G345 House is located in an 800sqm lot in a private gated community on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires.

This house is designed under the investor´s premise of building a house that addresses the needs of a standard family with the minimum amount of square meters. By the usage of volumes, we decide to look for the best orientations and integrate the interior with the exterior.

The ground floor volume is designed perpendicularly towards the front of the house, starting from servant space (facing the street) towards living and dining room (facing the lagoon).

In the intersection of the volumes, access and main circulation are located. Always keeping in mind the premise of optimizing square meters by compacting the program and avoiding the generation of several circulations.
In the first floor, the circulation is located towards the front of the house, while three northeast-orientation bedrooms have clear views to the lagoon.

Two volumes have been established on a single T-shaped construction using all the sides of the lot up to the required separations.


Superficie cubierta: 150 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 30 m2


El Cantón Golf, Buenos Aires