Residential Projects


This house has been conceived upon the request of a professional couple, whose children are currently adults. They looked for a house to enjoy with their family and friends. Large areas for social life were designed successively, opening towards the garden, the gallery and up to the lagoon, in order to enable full integration of spaces. A large multipurpose playroom and a study room, which could be used as a guest room as well, were also requested. In the upper floor, a large master bedroom, with a patio that enables the entrance of light and that could be used for reading and meditation as well, was created. A room for yoga and meditation practice was also outlined. Large dressing rooms and bathrooms were considered for this couple that likes comfort. The morphology of the house consists of a south-orientation closing with a large concrete base, where the services are located, and it dematerializes to the rear, north-orientation, thus solving a large view opening of the main rooms to the principal lagoon of the private gated community where the house was developed. Sustainability of the house is achieved by means of implantation taking into account sun and wind orientations, natural light in all spaces, fresh and cross ventilation by means of water mirrors, a green terrace for isolation of the ground floor and rain water collection for irrigation.


Superficie cubierta: 227 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 68 m2


Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires, Argentina