Residential Projects


In LuNo project, simplicity was one of the starting points. A great clean and large space that contains the program in ground floor, and a first floor that seeks optimal orientations for the private spaces of the house.

The materials used for the construction reflects the decisions that resolve the variables proposed by the client and those that are imposed by the place. In this case, the house is solved with a concrete box above which a first floor -a white box- is placed. Materials not only provide solutions as regards structure to the design but also as regards expression, since the material texture itself provides a very particular characteristic to the proposal.

The morphological design is based on sustainability as premise, looking for an energy efficient use taking advantage of natural light thanks to great picture windows, regulated and controlled by flexible wooden solar shading, and by using a green cover over the inferior volume in order to obtain a better HVAC system in the ground floor.

The combination of more of 90% of the spaces with natural light, views to exterior and cross-ventilation generates a benefit not only by reducing energy usage but also by providing more comfort for its habitation. In order to reduce the consumption of HVAC system, we opted for carpentry work combined with insulating glass.


Superficie cubierta: 160 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 30 m2


Puertos del Lago, Buenos Aires