Cultural Projects


The project for the monument to the Bonaerense (from the province of Buenos Aires) flag in Capitán Sarmiento was designed under the premise that it would stand as a contemporary and symbolic building capable of leaving a deep trace according to its importance and meaning, thus aiming at providing a new identity to Capitán Sarmiento as the city where the Bonaerense flag was conceived.

The building morphology consists of simple geometric lines and reinterprets the Bonaerense flag, thus creating a monument building. This monument represents the feeling of all the inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires, of its production, its workforce, its landscape, as well as the flag itself. It is aimed at becoming a landmark of provincial interest.

The monument design was conceived as a great circular axis allowing for the connection of the building to the plazas through a bridge marking an access to the city.

We projected an intervention focusing on the recovery of the public space for its inhabitants under the premise that both the building and the plazas would be versatile in use, and therefore we decided to join them, elevating street level, thus creating a unique piece for the whole proposal that generates a physical flexible means to foster and stimulate social interaction.

The building circulation axis is located on the site of both the permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions.
The axis separates the area where services and sports and tourism offices are located -south-oriented- from the auditorium -north-orientated-, which opens to the city.
The building was thought as a building not only to be contemplated but also to live at and to foster different emotional experiences.

We considered different access creation and so we generated a main access that allows people to enter and walk along the whole building, but at the same time we created an independent access for the offices area for it to function when no activities take place at the meeting room and auditorium. Plazas were intervened with circulations that recreate field patterns generated by different crops. In addition, a playground was created, as well as fitness stations for adults. A great platform located in front of the building was also created, which along with the elevated street generates a great space for outdoor events, which can also be integrated to the auditorium of the monument.


A contemporary and symbolic building capable of leaving a deep trace according to its importance and meaning


Capitán Sarmiento, Buenos Aires