Urbanism Projects

Bolívar Plaza

The Mitre and Alsina plazas are a part of the cultural landscape of San Carlos de Bolívar. Therefore, we decided to reinterpret the structure of the typical plaza of the pampas adapting it to people’s current needs, thus generating spaces for people to stay at the plaza and enjoy the space at all ages and also to allow other mobility possibilities.

The result will be two plazas on working days and a “great plaza” on weekends and holidays.
New spaces for staying on every path (primary, secondary and tertiary) and areas for activities and social interaction for all the inhabitants, without exception, were generated.

The great sod pieces will be an invitation for people to sit on, sunbathe, make picnics, play with the kids and meet with friends. Besides, they will enhance the beauty of the great conifers, magnolias and araucarias that will be shining radiantly.

Finally, the simplification of vegetal species will provide order and design, and therefore, visual and spiritual pleasure.


Team: BAM! + Arch. Virgina Laboranti


Bolivar, Argentina.