Cultural Projects

TL Magistrates´ Head Office

The Project for the new head office of the Colegio de Magistrados y Funcionarios del Departamento Judicial of Trenque Lauquen (Magistrates and Public Officials Association of the Judicial Department of Trenque Lauquen) is based on a design capable of reflecting an image both contemporary and institutional which leaves a strong trace appropriate to such an important and meaningful building.

Building morphology is based on simple geometry and reinterprets classic architecture from a contemporary point of view.

Building design was conceived as a great platform to house different programmatic pieces, including the access atrium and the MUR (Multiple Use Room) expansion. The platform has been hollowed out to create an elevated cover for the MUR and to favor natural lighting by means of the creation of patios and skylights.

Environmental and economic sustainability were other main issues taken into consideration for the building design.
Economic sustainability has been achieved by means of applying traditional construction techniques and using long-lasting low-maintenance materials such as bricks, concrete, wood and glass, as well as prefabricated pieces of prestressed concrete for the covering.

Environmental sustainability was accomplished by means of a project enabling energy efficiency and saving.
The project implantation took into account the building’s orientations and climatic conditions in Trenque Lauquen. On one hand, service areas were placed facing south to generate a barrier towards the served areas, the MUR, the hall and the administration area. On the other hand, patios with openings facing north-south oriented facades were generated to allow cross-ventilation.

To improve energy efficiency, we decided to favor natural lighting by means of a window layout enabling artificial lighting saving during daylight. Sustainability was also taken into account for cover design: containers were placed on the MUR cover for rainwater collection to feed irrigation systems and to supply flushing toilets. For the general cover, we chose a low-maintenance green cover providing thermal insulation and rainwater harvesting to moderate urban temperatures.

The building was designed on one floor thus enabling simple architectural barrier freedom and future construction stages.

Placement of programmatic pieces inside the building was conceived to be based on 3 great pieces: the administrative area, the service area and the MUR, using the hall as connector for each piece access. The administrative area was placed next to the main entrance, as it is the most used area by magistrates.
The service area is a bar articulated by patios, placed in such a way so as to allow an independent access by means of a lateral separation, but at the same time to connect fluidly to the MUR.

The MUR area was conceived to be integrated into a single space or divided by movable panels, which makes it possible to carry out activities of different kinds.

It was thought as a recreational space for members as well as a space for social and cultural activities open to the community and a center for conferences, debates and professionals´ meetings.

The building features different entrances: a main access allowing the entrance to the whole building, a secondary access to the kitchen and warehouse and an independent access to the MUR.


A building of contemporary image and institutional character


Trenque Lauquen, Argentina