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Recover identity, man and family scale in the groups of social housing. Scale and identity create sense of belonging, sense of space caring, sense of ownership. Feel love for your own housing, essential nucleus of the family, and therefore, of society. The generation of housing in an urban context of high density should keep these points in mind.

Technology, study of history and creativity help us to analyze and see where to aim. See what has been proposed from theory and see in detail what has actually been done in practice. The need of housing and understanding situation that live those who lack of it is difficult to see empathetically and therefore sometimes is hard to understand the needs not only structurally but also socially.

The way to inhabit is different in each place and addresses issues that exceed a program of architectural needs. The composition of buildings and housing, the interaction between them and their connection to the city are extremely unique and relevant. Social inhabit depends on them. In that moment is where the bond is created. The moment in which personal becomes social. Society is generated from that nucleus.


Superficie cubierta:10.280 m2
Superficie semicubierta: 570 m2


Villa 20, Ciudad de Buenos Aires